Breaking Communication Silos

As I work to round out my working portfolio, it’s becoming more evident that the well-established communication silos aren’t so seperate.  There are no specific titles that communications professionals can latch on to that directly supports their role. For example, a communications office, and digital content managers, and a marketing specialist can all have over lapping functionalities.

Here are a few areas in the world of communication that now often function in a symbiotic relationship.

1. Public Relations

Working with and fostering media relations are definitely for the most part has been contained in its own silo. However, now writing press releases for example is being also of any communications professional. The scope of public relations functions is now becoming broader.

2. Content Marketing

For a long time, content marketing was difficult to define. This was reflected in how job descriptions and objectives were also defined. Once again, content marketing can encompasses a number of different functions, including content strategy,

3. Social Media

Social media is another big area in the communication world that has grown in importance in recent years. As we continue to find ways to be utilize and analyze social activities the role of a communications professional also changes.

4. Sales

Although sales isn’t necessarily part of a communications professional portfolio, I still wanted to touch on it briefly. The success of a communications professional’s work can be measure using a number and analytics. However, ultimately their work should also lead to sales. Understanding this link can help both sales and communications professional work together more efficiently.

The above mentioned points are only a small snippet of what a communications profession can possibly do with their portfolio. Other areas to consider include design, email marketing, writing, public speaking and teaching/training.

The great about this, there is a lot of opportunities to find areas hat suit you. As I continue to explore different areas within this huge field, I hope to create a portfolio that work with my interests and talents.

If you have any thoughts on this, feel free to shoot me a note @TabithaDavid.


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