Do We All Need to Brand Ourselves?

As modes of communication become more and more accessible in combination with globalization making our world seem smaller, we’re seeing the more the importance of personal branding.

As a communications graduate and having worked at marketing position in the past, it was obvious for me to have a professional online profile to reflect my work. This link makes sense. However, does building a professional online profile/community help in a professional setting for all people? Should it be a priority for everyone?

My initial reaction to this question is to say yes, everyone should be branding themselves. However, it’s bit more complex than this simple answer. Here are three areas that come to mind when thinking a bit more deeply about this notion.

1. Cutting through the Noise

I mentioned at the story of this post that means of communication is becoming more and more accessible. This means that people have the opportunity to create, say and do things that once required a more complex route to achieve. A simple example is writing a book, which traditionally takes a lot of effort to publish. However, if you really want to write a book now, you can do so – publish on online platforms, write an e-book, or use an application like Wattpad to publish. That being said, there’s a lot more competition out there, and getting your work to be recognized can be challenging.  If everyone begins to brand themselves and mass produces work, does it affect the quality of work? Does it affect how far a work reaches before it gets consumed by competition? Or does the mere scale of competition deter people for creating even when the means are available?

2. Connecting with an Audience

With great power comes great responsibility. The same can be said for online creators, and personality brands who have created a significant online community. Personal branding has the potential to lead to a number of great opportunities, but all off a sudden you have people looking at you for the next trend, guidance, or advice. To build an additional layer of complexity often time building an online community can also mean, providing good or services to real people such as merchandise , shows, or products. Where is the line when it comes to truly building a community vs. building a community to in turn act as another means of advertising?

3. Creating a Work Life Balance

Creating a personal brand is personal (duh!). Because of this, you have to consider when your personal and professional life begin to merge is creating a good work life balance. Although the goal when branding yourself is to remain truthful to yourself, once it turns into a job or any professional capacity are you able the distinguish between your ‘work-self’ and yourself?

What are your thoughts on this topic? I’d love to hear your opinion. Shoot me a tweet @TabithaDavid.


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