The Allure of the Side-Hussle

If you read my earlier blog post “Can a Hobby Become a Career” you’ll know that I’m in the process of building a career that fits my lifestyle, interests, and talents (trust me, it’s harder than it sounds).

As a millenial in 2016, I’m in the midst of a work/life revolution. Now, I don’t want to speak for all millenials, but here are a few things that I noticed from my own experinces.

  1. Now more that ever, a job has become integral to one’s lifestyle. I’ve found that when I really love my job and the people I work with, I don’t mind putting in extra hours or helping with unscheduled ‘favors’ from time to time.
  2. Perks are only perks beyond the actual job. Wearing jeans to work and having a snack cupboard may peek your interest, but it wont keep you at the job if the work isn’t fulfilling.
  3. A big misconception I come across in regards to millenials is that we feel entitled. I do agree that I want more and more and more. However, I don’t expected to be handed these things. I am ready to get down and work for the things I want.

Which leads me to the side hussle. In my case, I gave up a full-time job to explore a number of side hussles.

Here’s why:

  1. Exercising a hobby
  2. Making some extra cash
  3. Meeting new people
  4. Enjoying a flexibile lifestyle

Whatever the reason may be, I find more and more people subscribing to the idea of a side-hussle. How do you make the most of your side hussles or personal passion projects?

Shoot me tweet @TabithaDavid to chat!



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