5 Must-Haves When Working from Home

Throughout my working career, I’ve had the opportunity to work remotely for a number of positions. Recently, I have begun doing some e-development work (online courses) for Algonquin College. As I’m based in Toronto and the College is located in Ottawa, it’s back to working from home.

1. Private Space

Allocate space at your place that is specific for doing work. It can be a well furnished office or a small corner of your your living space(like me!). As days go, you’ll get into the zone with your work as you stay consistent with where you work.

2. Desk

Next-up you’ll a desk. Again, to make your work space as productive as possible. I have to admit that there were some days when I worked from my bed. Luckily not in recent times; I’ve learned my lesson. I’m sure you’ll agree, working at a desk defenetly increases efficiency.

3. Headphones

I love listening to music or podcasts when I do my work. It helps me concentrate and puts my mind as ease. To do this, a pair of headphones are a must. If there are other people home, while you’re working headphones are also a great ‘do not disturb’ sign.

4. Natural Light

If you can, sit by a window. Personally, being able to look outside (whether it’s sunny or not) makes my day a lot better. It’s easy to get stuck in your work bubble and not realie your day passing. Avoid this with some natural light.

5. Schedule

A scheudle is essential for anyone working for home. For me a to-do list works just fine. For other, you may consider writing out tasks accomponiying times. I usually write my to-do list daily, but keep in mind what you want to accomplish by the end of the week or month. Remember to schedule breaks in your day as well!

For me working from home works! How do you stay focused and productive while you work from home? Leave me a comment or shoot me a tweet @TabithaDavid.


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