Does Social Media Make Us Better Writers?

Social media has come a long way, but has it come far enough to make us better writers?  Here are three reasons why social media is helping writers:

Short and sweet

The pulse of social media is quick. It can be difficult for audiences to devour all the information that’s available. So, to be heard, we have to write in a concise way. For example, Twitter only allows 140 characters, forcing us to use only the most necessary language and cut out all dead wood.  To be clear and quick about our message is a skill writers continually strive to perfect.

Quantity counts (sometimes)

To stay relevant, a social media user knows that they have to keep up with the pace of their chosen platform. For example, Twitter churns out upwards of 500 million tweets per day. This is not to say that quality doesn’t count. In fact, it is perhaps more important than how often you post. My point is, nearly everyone has the means to publish or can participate in social media. Luckily there are great programs that allow you to keep up by curating and scheduling such as Hootsuite and Buffer.

The world is your critic

Publishing anything on the internet is likely to produce feedback. Most commonly, it can be in the form of likes or comments. Even no responses can be an indicator of the success of your work. Further, many social media platform offer analytic tools, which gives us a more detailed account of the success (or failure) of a piece. This feedback, can be both helpful and encouraging and can be a strong influence on the type of work you publish.

How has social media affected your writing style? Connect with me on Twitter and let me know!


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